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Roof vents

Roof Vents

Custom made products

Roof vents are custom made parts by Riverside that are a must have in any household. During certain times of the year specially, it is very important to have your roof well ventilated:
In the summer time, heat build-up will help age and crack wood prematurely and will also make it for a very unwanted warm house, while in cold weather, laundry, showers, dish washers and cooking will generate warm air that if not properly ventilated will linger in your household cause moisture build-up.

Stack vents, also known as stink pipes are a very important part of the sewage system on a house. They provide a way to release sewer gases outdoors. Vents also absorb oxygen to the waste system, allowing aerobic sewage digestion. Vents equalize the pressure on both sides of a trap, allowing the trap to hold water, which is needed to maintain it's effectiveness.

Riverside specializes in the fabrication of these items custom made to customer's specifications.
Stinky pipes, gooseneck vents, static and turbine vents.
A well ventilated house will have a long lasting roof system, well working sewage system as well as comfortable temperature all year long.
Roof vents can be fabricated in many metals, gauges and finishes, most common being 16 oz copper, freedom gray and lead coated copper.
Riverside will always solder these parts (unless otherwise specified or fabricated with a material that cannot be soldered).
A well soldered and fabricated roof vent can last a lifetime, and that's the Riverside difference.

Riverside also offers installation services in Massachusetts and parts of of New England

Round copper pipe roof vent with skirt Copper gooseneck roof vent Copper pipe vent with custom angle Round freedom gray stinky pipe vent

Roof vents are commonly fabricated with these materials:

Copper Stainless Steel #4 Finish Stainless steel 2B Stainless steel with satin finish Zinc Freedom gray White aluminum

Click here for a full list of colors and materials

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Custom copper roof vent Copper pipe vent remake project Custom white aluminum stinky pipes Custom made copper roof vents Copper gooseneck roof vent Stainless steel base for aluminum turbine roof vent Copper pipe vent with hook shape TPO custom roof vents for welding - 2 Copper pipe vent with custom angle Custom static copper roof vent Round copper stinky pipe vent Gooseneck custom copper vent Turbine copper vent custom made Copper round roof vent with detailed cap Round freedom gray stinky pipe vent Galvanized steel roof vent without screen 20 oz copper roof vent with flapper Custom copper stack pipe vent Lead coated copper custom roof vent
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Riverside Sheet Metal is a member of the North East Roofing Contractors Association & the National Roofing Contractors Association.


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