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Copper Counter Tops

Copper counter tops and table tops

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Our specialty. Copper counter tops can be fabricated from 16, 20, 24 and 48 oz copper. At Riverside, we always recommend 48 oz copper for it's durability and ease to weld. The thinner the material is, the easier it is to get dented with usage. Some customers prefer the thinner material for that reason, which will get you a top with more character, something that looks used.

Copper counter top with finished round edges Copper bar remodeled using copper Peninsula satin finsh copper counter top project Oval island copper counter top with satin finish Copper counter top Copper bar table top with dark wash patina and rivets Simple copper counter top in 16oz copper Restaurant copper tables with custom patina Stained copper counter tops _ Custom made copper sink Copper counter top with integrated sink, backsplash and a dark patina finish Copper table top with a brushed finish Satin finished curved copper 24 oz counter top Home bar with integrated copper sink Copper island with rivets and patchy dark patina finish Dark copper table top with solid round head rivets Copper bar top Simple copper counter top Home bar with copper top and hammered sink Soldered satin copper island top Copper island top Copper counter top with liquor bottles look Rectangular copper sink Copper bar top with rivets and patina moon shaped Dark patina copper bar top with drink rail and rivets Oval copper island top with cooktop hole Natural finish copper top with soldered seams Bullnose edge copper counter top Copper counter top with integral sink and patina Copper bar top stained with rivets Oval island copper top Custom copper farmhouse apron sink Copper top installation on home bar Home bar made with copper Copper top installation on home bar Custom hammered dark patina sink Copper top and expanded sheet Copper top with rivets for the Red Bird restaurant in Waltham, MA Copper island with dark patina Copper bar table top with dark patina and round rivets Satin copper island top with round corners

Copper counter tops are commonly fabricated with these materials and finishes:

Copper Copper with brushed finish Copper with dark patina finish Copper with satin finish

Click here for a full list of colors and materials

Riverside also offers installation services in Massachusetts and parts of of New England

Gauges: Depending on the look chosen, or project budget, you can choose from 16 oz, 20 oz, 24 oz and 48 oz per square foot copper. Lighter gauges will be more easily dented, if you're going for a more "beat-up", rustic look. Thicker gauges are more resistant and will last longer.
Why copper: Copper's beauty is defined by its ever changing looks. It is considered a "living material" since its colors and patina change with time, depending on usage and exposure. It is also a great material for counter tops much like stainless steel for its anti-bacterial properties.
Joints: Tops can be welded and finished to look seamless with 48 oz. They can also be soldered in any other thickness. When tops are sold in separate pieces, the customer can place the parts together and seal them, with a simple butt joint, or have someone weld or solder in the field. We can also add rivets, bolts or anything else to give that extra detailed look to your counter top.
Finishes: Counter tops are beautiful additions to kitchens, bars and restaurants for either a modern or rustic look, depending on the finish applied. Finishes available are: raw, dark patina, green patina, brushed and satin finish. Hand hammered copper is also an option. Click here for more information on finishes. Different color patinas may also be available upon request.
It is important to note that the material's look is ever changing unless a clear coat is applied.
Substrate: Riverside we also provides and pre-glues the plywood substrate, available as birch, mdf or mdo.

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Riverside Sheet Metal is a member of the North East Roofing Contractors Association & the National Roofing Contractors Association.


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