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TCSII - TCS2 - Terne coated stainless steel

Sheet metal available in different gauges

TCSII - TCS 2 - Terne Coated Steel

TCSII or TCS2 - Terne coated stainless steel sheet metal is manufactured with type 304 stainless steel coated in both sides with terne alloy (50% tin, 50% zinc). Highly corrosion resistant, which makes it an ideal roofing material. It offers a soft-looking protective patina that develops after exposure to the elements.

Attention: This material is not in production at the time. Riverside has a few sheets and some coil in stock available for purchase only if parts are fabricated with it, not as is.
Alternative 1: Freedom gray - This material has the same finished look but it is made with copper sheets instead of stainless steel.
Alternative 2: UGINOX® PATINA K44 - Called the “new terne coated stainless steel” is produced in stainless alloy 444 base, which contains 18% chromium, molybdenum and titanium, with an electro-tinned coating on both sides which tones down the natural luster and allows the surface to weather over time to a soft matte gray finish.

Used for masonry flashing, gutters, metal roofing panels, downspouts, chimney caps, cupolas, louvers, finials, edge metal, flashing, step flashing, leader heads, gutter accessories, conductor boxes and skylights.

Available in 3' x 10' sheets. 26 and 28 gauge.

Item Code: TCSII

Special notes

  • Lighting and computer monitors may change the way custom colored metals look. You can always request a color chart to make sure you're getting the right color metal.

  • Different suppliers may call different colored metals by the same name. Please, let us know the correct color code when placing an order.

  • Not all metals may be available at all times, but we can most likely order what you need.

  • Different colors and gauges / thicknesses may also be available. Please take a look at the gauge and weight chart page or contact us for more information.

  • If the metal needed is not listed here, please contact us as we may be able to place an special order for you.

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